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Advertise your message to the Medical Audience with CuraNova ™ for 3 months.



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Advertise your message to the Medical Audience on the CuraNova ™ website for 3 months.

Who uses CuraNova ™ Advertising?

Hospitals and Private practices looking to rent out their rooms, Medical reps and Medical suppliers that are looking to put their brand in front of the ideal targeted audience.

Everything you need to know about CuraNova’s scale, reach and influence.

CuraNova is an international Trademarked Recruitment company, this benefits you as your advert is seen by your desired audience in the medical field. Our niche market is Doctors and Specialists, to take advantage of this offer click on the link below to put your company on this page for maximum exposure to your ideal qualified target market.

Our mission? To extend the reach and influence of CuraNova and it’s clients.

CuraNova has a following in the medical field, we are the preferred supplier to the Department of Health for the provision of locum medical personnel in the Western Cape, our recruitment partners and clients covet the whole of South Africa as well as Ireland and the UK. Daily we have Doctors and Specialists registering on our website for job and locum opportunities.

Our Demographics.

CuraNova TM is very specifically focused on South Africa This is very much reflected in our website audience.


As a website with a strong focus on Medical recruitment for the Department of Health, it will come as no surprise that our site predominately reaches top Medical demographics in South Africa and Abroad


CuraNova covers all facets of South African Medical life from the challenges that start-up practices face through to the latest news from fellow Medical partners. Trust CuraNova with your new medical partnership, buying or selling of your practice and even to promote your rooms to rent.

CuraNova ™ puts your brand in front of niche Medical Personnel 24/7.



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